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Bookra: Bridging the Gap between the Classroom and the Playground

October 11, 2016

Ipads. Apps. Video games. Competitions. All these might have previously been relegated to a child’s free time, but the world is increasingly realizing that the line between play and the classroom is not only blurred, but could potentially be eradicated altogether.

Children in the digital age are growing up in circumstances significantly different than the generations that came before them. They are technically adept. They are exposed. They are multi-taskers. They are connected. It is for all these reasons and more that educators, curriculum developers, teachers, and entrepreneurs are looking to change the face of education. And Bookra is doing just that. Their name derived from “Book” and “Bookra” which is the Arabic word for tomorrow, in short their name best reflects the learnings of books in our tomorrow.

Established as a joint stock company in 2015 with the support of 138 Pyramids, Bookra is an edutainment company devoted to creating a positive impact on the lives of children and youth, through engaging, experiential, and creative products that effectively bring play into the classroom. With market trends increasingly showing a dire need for more classroom engagement, blended learning methodologies, and gamification to appeal to 21st century learners, co-founders Ayah Elarief and Marwa Gad identified a gap in the market and sought to fill it.

Graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2008, Ayah and Marwa have always had an interest in the arts, going on to work in animation studios, advertising, and art direction. But it wasn’t until 2010 that they began directing their efforts towards the field of “edutainment”. While this field is increasingly gaining global recognition, and despite its huge potential in Egypt, it remains at its infancy in the local market. This market opportunity, combined with the innovative brains behind the company, is being channeled into their latest project – “Sand City”.

“Sand City” is an animated series set in Egypt, with two main protagonists – eight year old Hana and her grandfather Mohey. Together, Hana and Mohey are teleported on a series of adventure through different eras of Egyptian history. During these escapades, they must deal with villains and friends alike in order to navigate their way, save the world from the evils of each time, and get home safely.

While the story of Sand City is intriguing in its own right, what perhaps is even more important is the backdrop of cultural knowledge provided. The key to different forms and topics of learning, set in an animated series in different eras of Egyptian history, exposes children and adults alike to the history we are often out of touch with. Additionally, by making history experiential, it is creating a culture that promotes knowledge seeking and exploration amongst children.

During its inception, the creative minds behind Sand City had even bigger plans in sight, co-founders of Bookra Agency, sought out to create a comprehensive experience for children. Along with the animated series, they are pursuing mobile apps, toys, and other avenues of gamification to make the experience even more engaging for their audience. Perhaps that is what sets these two entrepreneurs and their business apart, in our opinion.

With their extensive background in related fields, and their unwavering commitment to education,   Bookra is uniquely situated to bridge the gap between education and young learners. Honestly, after getting a sneak peak of their products, there’s plenty of fun to be had for all ages! For more information please visit

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