The Pyramid Model - Part 2 - 138 Pyramids

The Pyramid Model – Part 2

March 6, 2016

Success – that illusive final goal post that all entrepreneurs dream of. But here at 138 Pyramids, we define it as one stage in our journey.

As discussed in our previous post, the Pyramids Model is comprised of five carefully curated stages that see a start-up from its existence until the seldom discussed, but albeit pivotal, maturity stage. Within this context, success is not the final destination, but is actually our third stage.

Stage 3: Success

During this stage, the business has hit the ground running and is witnessing growth. It is imperative that founders, and the teams supporting them, harness this potential and gear it in the right direction. That is why this stage is about governance. Through the support of 138 Pyramids, start-ups will use this stage to continue developing and modifying their strategy, while focusing even more on the financial health of the organization. At this stage, functional management take over most of the founder’s duties, leaving them to focus on strategic planning

Business mentors continue to play an integral role during this stage, with an increased focus on leveraging the networks the business needs to propel it-self further.

Stage 4: Take-Off

The take-off stage continues the momentum of its predecessor, focusing on the ability of rapid growth and the ability to finance desired growth. At this stage, focused on growth through coordination, the founder has a lower presence while a highly competent and decentralized management runs the company.

At this stage the importance of financing comes into place, with the need to negotiate either going for debt financing via banks, leasing companies, mezzanine financing or a bond issuance( if relevant) or optionally think of partial dilution by raising equity via a strategic industry investor, merger or going public. Be it a debt or equity choice 138 Pyramids not only playing the role with the partners to raise the financing and negotiate it but most importantly provides the advice for the best option at the right timing in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Networking becomes even more relevant, with 138 Pyramids guiding business as they explore the strength of their existing networks and determine the type of networks they will seek out in the future. Systems are highly refined and planning is ongoing.

Stage 5: Maturity

Businesses can breathe a sigh of relief as they reach their final destination, maturity. During this stage, 138 Pyramids and its partners think of one thing and one thing only – the perfect exit. At this stage the company has the size, financial resources, managerial talent and entrepreneurial spirit to become a real formidable force in the market. While some goodbyes are bittersweet, this is not one of them. By developing an exit strategy that meets the mutual interest of all shareholders involved, 138 Pyramids helps establish viable and sustainable businesses that far outlive the incubation ecosystem. Through years of experience, and over 15 businesses successfully exited, the team behind 138 Pyramids has extensive experience planning the timing and method of exiting – a decision that is unique to each and every business.

The five stage Pyramid Model takes businesses on a journey from their early days of establishment, to the full-grown maturity stage with a clean bill of financial health, strategic mentors, and a solid strategy for scale. Through the combination of services offered, and the areas of focus identified in each stage, 138 Pyramids partners stand on a solid footing that builds on expert opinions and yet caters to each individual start-up or early growth stage firms creating truly unique, valuable, and solid businesses poised for scale and success.

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