The Pyramid Model – Part 1 - 138 Pyramids

The Pyramid Model – Part 1

February 18, 2016

Entrepreneurship, and particularly the presence of small to medium enterprises, has long been heralded as an engine of economic growth. However, many start-up businesses often lack the support needed to truly reach their potential. This is where 138 Pyramids come in.
As we discussed previously, 138 Pyramids provides a localized solution to a market need. Combining elements of both an incubator and a VC fund, we believe our “Pyramid model” offers a comprehensive support system for serious start-up that will take it from existence to exit.
While this might seem an ambitious undertaking, the five stage model has been carefully crafted based on years of experience and it all boils down to one key thing – providing the right services at the right time.
Stage 1: Existence
This stage is the most exhilarating, and challenging, stage. As an entrepreneur takes the plunge and starts their own business, it is imperative to focus on the foundations of establishing a sound and sustainable enterprise. This includes establishing the business entity, undergoing the legal registration process, and securing funding to cover operational expenses for up to 18 months. During this primary stage, the key is guidance. Through providing funding – the main pillar of growth – as well as mentors and strategic consulting, 138 Pyramids guides the business founders as they refine, improve, and solidify their business model. In order to alleviate a substantial source of stress for start-ups, 138 Pyramids provides connections to strengthen the business model and office space as needed in its offices at Zamalek for the start-ups to have a home base. As this stage is the most crucial, 138 Pyramids play more of parental role to ensure that the entrepreneurs keep the focus discussed during the crafting of the initial plans and that the strategy set is being adhered to.
Stage 2: Survival
After establishing the business entity and clarifying the company’s vision, the survival stage is about validation . Through the continued provision of mentors and strategic consulting, 138 Pyramids ensures that the plans laid out in stage 1 come to fruition. At this stage, the business will have demonstrated it is a workable entity and the key problem shifts from mere existence to the relationship between revenues and expenses. Putting the systems in place to support the growth of the business becomes crucial to enable it from moving to next stage. While these may not have the glitz factor associated with the start-up scene, ensuring proper financial systems and oversight is key to this stage and which ultimately helps the business survive. That is why 138 Pyramids provides in-house auditors and financial analyses to businesses on a continuous basis.
These first two stages are intended to position 138 Pyramids entrepreneurs for success (hint: that’s stage 3!) by building a solid base through a combination technical expertise and real-life experience.

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