Happy New Year! - 138 Pyramids

Happy New Year!

January 14, 2016

2016 commences with emphasis on SME’s!! Finally, everyone is recognizing and not just talking about SME support but President Sisi, CBE Governor Tarek Amer and many others are obliging institutions to enforce the support.

This is Neveen El Tahri’s and Delta Inspire’s team (Ismail Sarwat, Yasmine Nassar, Sara Samir et al.) first blog -which we will be posting at least bi-monthly- representing our work and thoughts.

Since 2008 we have been focusing on SME’s and how to serve them by first identifying the phase of development they are at, to allow us to structure the process to best play a part in growing businesses and with it wealth. Why wealth? Wealth means we can commence employment, knowing the owners can see the potential growth of their company/institution….Why institution? The importance of institutionalizing the work process and organization is important to achieve the set out plans and growth aspirations of the owners/investors.

Delta Inspire is the management company for 138 Pyramids and given our aim to partner with start-ups and growth companies (either in their early or late stages), we believe that we can replicate the history of Egypt in that businesses can be set-up to outlive the owners into the many generations that follow, hence being around in a similar manner as we see the 138 Pyramids Egypt has today….Pyramids, AGAIN?? Mark Lehner in his book “The Complete Pyramids” commences the first page with a text written on one of the pyramids saying “Any gods who shall cause this pyramid and this construction of the King to be good and sturdy, it is they who will be vital, it is they who will be respected, it they who will be impressive, it is they who will be in control…it is they who will take possession of the crown”. The Pyramid is but a symbol we subscribe to, for many realize they are pharaonic tombs but the tomb of a pharaoh was far more than a grave of a king, it was what is known as “pious foundations” which when built, farms, ranches and whole new towns in the provinces were built around them. The core of our belief that as we see our Entrepreneurship talent rise, our Egypt will and shall be seeing the bright light sooner than we imagine. It is not just us at Delta that will be building pyramids but this collaborative ecosystem we saw drawn up by the talented founders of RiseUp Summit that made that fact evident, in cooperation and collaboration; local, regional and international – we believe the world shall be different and commences right in the heart of where civilization first began “EGYPT”.

Happy New Year and over the coming year we shall tackle many subjects that we know can be of use to Entrepreneurs (old and young)… May 2016 inspire us all to build and work on well planned  short and long term objects.

PS 138 Pyramids is just over a year old and today has 5 investments The Hotdog Stand, Barakah Agency, Dockland, Temraza and Foool Tank , maybe one day you can be one of our Pyramids.

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