Our Story

The strong and stable future of any country stands on the shoulders of its sustainable economy. It is with this belief that a group of investors created 138 Pyramids, in a quest to build brand new companies, or as we like to call them, Pyramids, that have the same legacy as the 138 real Pyramids found in Egypt. 138 Pyramids, a development finance initiative aimed at playing an active role in supporting the Egyptian economy and the startup world. 138 Pyramids seeks to enhance the development of the small and medium Enterprise "SME" sector. The company seeks minority stake, in high impact businesses with high employment opportunities at early growth stages, to accelerate their growth and unravel their true potential.

Our Identity

The inspiration for the name '138 Pyramids’ came from the number of Pharaonic pyramid structures built in ancient Egypt, to symbolise advancement and sustainability. The pyramid structure was one of the most integral drivers for the establishment of internal settlements, which positioned  Egypt among the very first estates in the world. They also helped position Egypt as the land of economic growth which helped cultivate new talents as well as learning and research opportunities.

Our Goals

With that in mind, we are now proud to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and lead the way for Egyptian entrepreneurs to help build the future of Egypt together. A future built on start-ups and early stage growth companies in various industries. We pride ourselves on being a hybrid financial vehicle of venture capital and private equity. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs build and grow their business, allowing for more job opportunities as well as increased wealth to all stakeholders.

Our Values

Like various venture capital firms, we have partners that have vast experience, which has enabled the existence of this financial hybrid. Our partners are credible multinational and local conglomerates focusing on making an impact. While some venture capitals do not provide other business development support aid, 138 Pyramids helps you scale and validate your business and market, by offering comprehensive support to early and growth stage companies through our management company, Delta Inspire.

Our Strategy

We are mostly partner-focused and are interested in their long-term success. This means that once you are named one of our pyramids, we make sure to provide the support needed moving forward. Our exit strategy is built around one goal: the timing that best meets the mutual  interests  of  all stakeholders. The funding we provide is against ownership and is both cash and in-kind for services provided.