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Our Story

The strong and stable future of any country stands on the shoulders of its sustainable economy. It is with this belief that a group of investors created 138 Pyramids, in a quest to build brand new companies, or as we like to call them, Pyramids, that have the same legacy as the 138 real Pyramids found in Egypt. 138 Pyramids, a development finance initiative aimed at playing an active role in supporting the Egyptian economy and the startup world. 138 Pyramids seeks to enhance the development of the small and medium Enterprise "SME" sector. The company seeks minority stake, in high impact businesses with high employment opportunities at early growth stages, to accelerate their growth and unravel their true potential.

Our Offerings

Team & Mentors

We firmly believe that our team of highly skilled individuals prominently differentiates the experience we offer our portfolio companies. Our team enjoys sharing expertise in business development, market strategies and financial analysis, in addition to being highly capable of identifying industry outlooks, evaluating industry attractiveness and assisting with mergers and acquisitions.


We leverage on our networks and relationships to give our companies unmatched abilities to get introduced to potential business partners, create solid customer bases and recruit employees to help grow our companies.


SMEs often face a significant problem with raising funds and are less likely to be able to obtain bank loans than larger firms, which stops them from growing and fully exploiting profitable investment opportunities. We exist to fill that funding gap to help them secure the capital needed to continue moving forward in exchange for minor equity.

Complementing Services

Start-ups often face accounting issues that hinder their performance; thus, we are keen to connect our companies with accounting experts to put them on the right track. Other services that we offer include strategic and financial planning, corporate governance guidance , HR advice and financial analysis for existing companies we help make them easily investible and credit worthy.

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