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“Proten” was established in September 2014. The company sells energy, snack, and protein bars with the main goal to sell tasty and healthy bars.

Proten has different unique and delicious flavors of the bars such as Coconut with Blueberry and Fig with Cinnamon; At the same time the company ensures a good and competitive quality as he did a lot of research, put some formulas together and studied the effect of the formulation on the shelf-life.

The business of Proten comes in line with the founder Karim Seif El-Nasr’s athletic experience as he was ranked Top 5 in Egypt in CrossFit 2014 – 2016. Furthermore, the rising heath trend among the youth and the rise of exercise & training, the products of “Proten” come at an excellent timing to the market. Also the fact that the products are produced locally gives Proten the advantage of being fast to market and adapting to local taste fast.